Thematically, my artistic explorations are based around the unraveling of personal experiences and inquiries that I feel have a potential for larger societal relevance. These themes are reactive to my experience in the world, navigating the continual search for identity and connection.  Accessibility is a leading value in my work and I meticulously research ways in which stories can be told, understood, and interpreted. I approach creation as a communicative study, taking movements from naturalistic forms such as body language and pantomime. By providing a natural base to my movement, my work becomes more relatable and relevant to the human experience. A powerful statement backed by an audience connection creates a vessel for deeper meaning and change. I am interested in how my work can appeal to diverse audiences, ultimately choreographing the act of coming together.


Alyssa Brutlag is an award-winning choreographer based in Seattle. She received a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University where she performed works by Aszure Barton, Rennie Harris, Kate Skarpetowska, Joshua Manculich, and Jeremy Blair and was a company member in Western Dance Project under the direction of Whitney Moncrief. Alyssa holds special interest in choreography and collaboration. In 2018 she was awarded the Maggie Allesee Choreogaphy Award through the Michigan Dance Council. She has been commissioned by Jean Anne Ryan Productions and the Young Dancers Initiative. Alyssa also initiated the first ever collaborative arts capstone at Western Michigan University, where she co-choreographed and directed Wisteria, a multi-disciplinary, evening-length work which was awarded grant funding. Her other work has been presented at RAD Fest in Kalamazoo, MI, Gibney Dance Center in New York City, ACDA East-Central Regional Conference, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Detroit Dance City Festival, and the Dance Shorts: College Film Festival at Arizona State University. 


Dancer & Choreographer

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