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Selected Choreography Samples.
More video and information available upon request.

by Alyssa Brutlag and Alyssa Boone



Wisteria, inspired by Surrealism, is a collaborative production that explores the unconscious mind in a dream state by immersing audiences into a world filled with spinning tables, frosting-laden cakes, and thousands of floating lavender petals. Performance run time - 39 minutes


“Do Us Part” explores a conflict between religious law and detrimental, committed relationships. The driving question asks whether traditional, moral vows such as “until death do us part” imprisons some individuals into an isolating, eternal relationship. Performance run time - 4:49 


Dr. Oblivion is inspired by the war on media and depicts a dystopian world where news is simply noise. Performance run time - 11:14.


Comissioned by Contexture Dance Detroit

"While I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand, while I can walk

While I can dream

Oh, please let my dream

Come true"

Performance run time - 12:30

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